Bulk Condoms Review

Bulk Condoms
 Be sure you real­ly need 60 con­doms before you buy 60 condoms

So these are some great con­doms right, but I’m just here to give you some life advice. I bought these back when I was in a rela­tion­ship with some­one way out of my league. I fig­ured, after how long we had been togeth­er I should just start buy­ing pro­tec­tion in bulk, right? So I buy six­ty con­doms and we keep get­ting it on for a while until she dumped me. Now I have a draw­er by my bed full of com­plete­ly super­flu­ous con­doms. They sit there mock­ing me as I drunk­en­ly cra­dle myself to sleep, cold and alone in my pathet­ic excuse of an apart­ment. Great prod­uct though 10/10

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