Coyote Predator Replica

Added a remote con­trol car to this coy­ote preda­tor repli­ca and it’s a winner!

The Goose-ina­tor

5.0 out of 5 stars

Liv­ing near a lake inhab­it­ed by both res­i­dent and migrat­ing geese results in a lot of goose drop­pings in our yard. So I pur­chased a “Red­cat Rac­ing Black­out XTE PRO 1/10 Scale Brush­less Elec­tric Mon­ster Truck with Water­proof Elec­tron­ics”, then did some major surgery on the rub­ber coy­ote with scis­sors so it fit on the remote con­trol car body held in place with vel­cro tape. The end result was, well, in the words of Dr Franken­stein… “It’s ALIVE! Now, I chase the pesky geese away with­out look­ing like an lunatic run­ning around the yard wav­ing my arms and hop­ping over goose ter­ds. We call the new remote con­trol Coy­ote by my sev­er­al new names… “Chu­pacabra”, “Goose-ina­tor” and “Goose Buster”. You’ll have so much fun with a remote con­trolled Coy­ote long after the geese have scat­tered that you’ll want a refreshed bat­tery to con­tin­ue the fun. A word of cau­tion though… neigh­bors, boaters and those dri­ving by don’t know what to think when they see it, say­ing they thought it was a wild animal!

Coy­ote Preda­tor Repli­ca Review